Why we’re for local businesses like yours

Why we’re for local businesses like yours

As The Skill Xchange is launched to the industry, we thought it was a good time to share more insight into who The Skill Xchange is, and why we’re here for you.

Who is The Skill Xchange?

The Skill Xchange is an Australian business resourcing network catered for industry specific demands. 

We’re a business-to-business networking platform made by experienced building business owners, for business owners. Here at The Skill Xchange, we’re proud to be the first platform to seamlessly connect businesses to resources and opportunities in an industry-focused environment.

We’ve had an overwhelming response from businesses in carpentry, concreting, plumbing and more so far, and are here to help others reap the same rewards.

The importance of connectivity

One of the core goals for the platform was to meet the skill shortage with existing businesses through better connectivity. Everyone has experienced a council hold up, scheduling issue or one of the ever-growing list of external factors that can lead to unplanned downtime. On the other side of this, we also have governments often looking to meet a perceived skills shortage with an influx of apprentices or an imported workforce.

The results of overestimating that need can be devastating for existing businesses, leading to the driving down of wages, unemployment or work shortages and even a lack of personal funding from banking lenders seeing self employed construction workers as unstable income earners, which was a big issue in the ‘90s.

How can you help businesses like mine?

The short of it is, we make it easier than ever for you to find the right resourcing solution to your business needs.

We help tradies and businesses of all kinds, including:

  • Building
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Landscaping
  • Painting
  • Concreting
  • Bricklaying

Basically if your business takes place on site, we cater to you.

By ensuring as many projects as possible are efficiently filled by quality operators, decision makers like yourself are able to save valuable time, while also allowing government to take a more informed and measured approach to any perceived shortage, keeping you in the position you’ve worked hard to create for yourself in your industry.

Ready to get started?

Our platform has officially launched, and is ready for you to get started and start ticking off the things that you’ve been struggling with.

Visit our platform here.


We have a dedicated team here to help you and your business meet the market and alleviate any pressures for job completion, lost time, lack of contractors available to you and much, much more.

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