Why a greater network in the building industry means a greater bottom line for everyone

Why a greater network in the building industry means a greater bottom line for everyone

Running a business in the building industry

The building industry has always been an example of what people are now referring to as a “gig based economy”, with a much greater percentage of people working within it being self employed or running a business. The juggling act of running a business, while trying to deliver a quality service and maintain some kind of stable and secure lifestyle, is so ingrained in our industry that it’s become accepted as par for the course.

Where The Skill Xchange comes in

The Skill Xchange aims to improve the work-life balance of construction professionals, while improving profitability of businesses. It can do so by streamlining tried and true processes and bringing the industry closer together. Imagine a platform where tender opportunities are created quickly and easily, delivered to all relevant businesses who can then provide a quote from the comfort of their home or office.

The job poster is then able to peruse offers and profiles attached, seeing industry vetted ratings and a portfolio of previous work experience and qualifications, allowing for a choice that best meets their needs and expectations. Payment terms are set up front and fully customisable, invoicing is automated upon completion of payment periods including any GST recording.

Overcoming the challenges of the building industry

No network has been created for trade business, by trade business people, with the goal of making life easier and more secure before this. We take existing processes, automate them and make opportunities more accessible to people with boots on the ground with the goal of making sure nobody is caught short by unforeseen circumstances or changes of conditions.

The potential flow on effects to individuals are many and varied, including:

  • More family or ‘me’ time
  • New professional connections
  • A widely visible professional rating and portfolio
  • Increased confidence on taking on apprentices or employees
  • More security in taking on work through businesses outside of your network
  • The safety of a digital paper trail around negotiations
  • Verified licences and ABNs

On The Skill Xchange platform itself, there is also the ability to temporarily extend your core workforce should a larger job opportunity or an extra project present itself on short notice, potentially never again letting a customer facing opportunity go because of work load exceeding company size. Connecting with available workers is instant and easy and can be done through tender or short term bookings, where businesses have pre set their employees’ rates and availability.

Innovation has long ignored small to medium construction business, which has created a hearty and resourceful group of business people able to meet challenges of their own volition and through grit and hard work, but it doesn’t need to be this hard. By coming together and turning a gig based economy into a sharing economy, we can shift the narrative and unrealistic expectations around building industry business.

Ready to get started?

The Skill Xchange has officially launched and is receiving a great response from the industry. Visit our platform here to explore the benefits for yourself.

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